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Albany Bridge Club

Two Rivers Market (upstairs)
250 Broadalbin Street Suite 215
Albany Oregon  97321

phone (541) 990-4243 (Bob Peery)
or (541) 791-9518 (Myrna Evans)
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Corvallis Bridge Club

1931 NW Circle Blvd (east of Dollar Tree)
Corvallis, OR 97330

 phone (541) 740-1072

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Albany Xmas Party moved to Thursday, Dec 8th!
Party at 11:15, bridge at 12:00

Heart of the Valley 299er Tourney Results!

David and Linda Smith led the field with 3.63 points followed closely by Barbara Dowling and Virginia Weis with 3.35.
Click here for all point totals.

Wednesday 6:30 evening games in Albany permanently cancelled.

Fall Class Schedule

Upcoming Events

Hello BridgeMates! 
Educational Opportunities galore!

299er Tourney Results!

David Smith 3.63
Linda Smith 3.63
Barbara Dowling 3.35
Virginia Weis 3.35
Elizabeth Burdick 3.05
Carol Field 2.89
Valerie Caldwell 2.89
Karla Stewart 2.71
Walt Theis 2.52
Rich Turnbull 2.30
Connie Green 2.17
Dawn Guenther 2.17
Donald Pitt 2.17
Glenda Fleming 2.17
Marion Hull 2.17
Erik Larson 2.10
Betsy Ovitt 1.98
Connie Burdick 1.76
Jo Alvin 1.76
Vicky Howard 1.76
Joyce Spence 1.60
Gayle Peterson 1.56
Kathi Downing 1.32
Ken Ramage 1.32
Ryan Porter 1.32
Bryon VanFleet 1.30
Judy Francis 1.29
Kathleen McCrossin 1.03
Rachel Frame 1.03
Sharron Cosby 0.90
Susan Smith 0.90
Elisabeth Percheller 0.81
J.P. Percheller 0.81
Catherine VanFleet 0.79
Jackie Grattan 0.79
Chris Dunfield 0.68
Christine Peterson 0.68
Michael Peterson 0.68
Mike Moore 0.68
Allison Walkingshaw 0.61
Mary Moore 0.48
Walter Dobek 0.48
Doris Nelson 0.48
John Templin 0.48
Fai 0.35
Mike Sailor 0.35
Peter Harr 0.35
Susan Fairchild 0.35
Mary Brim 0.34
Sheryl Bernard 0.34
Elaine Cull 0.28
Kathleen Petrucela 0.28
Ann Mills 0.24
Ann Teal 0.24
Susan Braden 0.24
Gail Schriner 0.21
Ruby Miller 0.21
Anne Ong 0.21
Binnie Callender 0.21
Penny Storry 0.21
Vicki Poole 0.21
Connie Wonham 0.20
Lee Soreng 0.20


       Sunday, Nov 20th at 1pm in Corvallis is the unit game with a 0-199er side section, and this game awards extra points.


2)    Two Swiss Team games at the end of November:


       Tuesday, Nov 29th at 7pm in Corvallis a GNT qualifying Swiss team game.  This game awards extra points.  NOTE: Tuesday night players: the 4th Tuesday is a pairs game and the 5th Tuesday is the team game this month.

       Wednesday, Nov 20th at 1pm in Corvallis a GNT qualifying Swiss team game.  This game awards extra points. 


3)    Coached practice for newer players:


       Coached practice is back by popular demand between class sessions!  This format is ideal for newer players!  Come practice bidding and playing you’re your friends.  Experienced players will be available to answer your questions!  Experienced players: please respond to this email if you are interested in volunteering to be a table coach on any of the days listed below!  Coached practice is from 10am – noon on the following Thursdays.  Cost is $5.

o   Thursday, Nov 17th

o   Thursday, Dec 1st

o   Thursday, Dec 15th


4)    299er Tournament Summary and Thank-Yous


Our 299er tournament last weekend was a huge success at 42.5 tables!  What a great event!  Pictures are coming soon to the club’s Facebook page!  We had pairs from the coast, Salem, and Eugene thanks to Gayle Peterson’s outreach efforts!  Walter Dobek, Toni and Milt Donelson, Rich Turnbull, Bryon van Fleet, Sue and Cliff Fairchild and others made sure things were set up and cleaned up for all our guests!  The food spread was amazing, thanks to Catherine van Fleet, Janie Peery, Jackie Grattan, Valerie Caldwell, and Sue and Cliff Fairchild.  Thank-you to everyone who brought and donated tasty dishes for tournament goers to enjoy!  Elaine Cull arranged fabulous door prizes, and Jackie Grattan coordinated the Sunday lunch orders.  Anne Ong expertly ensured that everyone had a partner and Kathleen Petrucela oversaw the entire tournament as the tournament coordinator!  When you next see any of these folks, please thank them for making our tournament such a success!  Thanks would not be complete without a big thank you to Eileen Milligan, who expertly directed all four sessions. 


In addition, the computer crashed Saturday morning of the tournament, with 18 tables of people ready to play!  Thanks to a host of techie and knowledgeable folks including Dennis Harms, Jan Boger, Bob Peery and Mary Alice, who worked together to fix the problem and also the scored the Saturday sessions manually with travelers!  Rick Garvin and Dick Jarvinen ensured the results were available and posted to the web!  Thank you to all these folks for your dedication to the cause to make the tournament run smoothly under unexpected circumstances.


5)    Games available for charity sponsorship:


Anyone in the club may sponsor a charity game, with funds benefit the local charity of your choice.  Players get extra points, and your contribution to sponsor the game is fully donated to your charity.  The following dates are days we could have charity games:


       Friday, Nov 11th at 7pm in Corvallis

       Tuesday Nov 20th at 1 pm in Corvallis

       Friday Dec 2nd at 7pm in Corvallis

       Wednesday, Dec 21st at 1pm in Corvallis

       Friday, Dec 23rd at 1pm in Corvallis


If you are interested in sponsoring a charity game, you may reply to this email.


6)    Changes to game results


There were several changes to the game results from last Friday morning (Nov 4th) and Tuesday afternoon (Nov 1st).

Fall classes (at Heart of the Valley Bridge Center, 1931 NW Circle Blvd., Corvallis)

Learn Bridge in a Day on August 27, 2016
Overview of bridge in less than 6 hours.  Great for the person wanting to find out about bridge without committing to an 8-week course.
Saturday, August 27, 10 am – 3 pm.
Instructor: Mary Alice Seville
Cost: $25 includes a light lunch and materials.

Bridge Basics 1: An Introduction
Instructor: Eileen Milligan
Wednesdays, 9:00 – 11:00 am
Sept. 14 – Nov. 9 (No class 9/28)
Cost: $40 plus $10 for the book (sold at first lesson)

Bridge Basics 1: An Introduction
Instructor: Sandy Allen
Thursdays, 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Sept. 15 – Nov. 3
Cost: $40 plus $10 for the book (sold at first lesson)

Intermediate Bridge: Doubles
Instructor: Mary Vance
Mondays, 10:00 am – 12:00
Sept. 26 – Nov. 14
Cost: $40 plus $10 for the book (sold at first lesson)
Prior bridge experience is recommended

Intermediate Bridge: Doubles
Instructor: Mary Vance
Tuesdays, 9:00 – 11:00 am
Sept. 27 – Nov. 15
Cost: $40 plus $10 for the book (sold at first lesson)
Prior bridge experience is recommended

Intermediate/Advanced Defense and Play of the Hand
Topics: Do you ever wonder how to make that extra trick as declarer?  Are you curious about how to take all your tricks when you are defending? This class will cover intermediate to advanced topics relating to defense and declarer play.  Three years of bridge experience is recommended for this class.
Instructor: Eileen Milligan
Time: Wednesdays, 7-9 pm
Dates: Sept 14-Nov 9 (No class 9/28)
Cost: $50, which includes materials (no book)
To register: Call Ann Larson at 541-740-4792 or send and email to corvallisbridge@gmail.com

Pre-registration for classes is encouraged but not required.
•To pre-register for Mary Vance’s classes, contact her directly: maryvance@peak.org; 541-760-1311.
•To pre-register for other classes, leave a message with the Bridge Club, including your name, phone number and/or email. (Email: corvallisbridge@gmail.com or call Ann Larson: 541-740-4792.)


1/30/17 game in Albany will be a GNT qualifying game.  This is a Swiss Team event.

Tournament Quick List


2016 Sectionals (District 20)
2016 Regionals (District 19, 20 and a few extras)
2016 Nationals


(District 20)  

Feb 12-14 Kihei [Maui] HI Info Open
Feb 12-14 Boise ID Info Open
Feb 19-21 Kailua Kona HI Info Open
Mar 4-6 Honolulu HI Info Open
Mar 4-6 Ontario OR Info Open
Mar 4-6 Albany OR (HotV tourney!) Flyer Open
Mar 25-27 Chico CA Info Open
Apr 8-10 Redding CA Info Open
Apr 9-10 Vancouver WA Info Senior/NLM
Apr 15-17 Seaside OR Info Open
Apr 22-24 Phoenix [Medford] OR Info Open
Apr 29-May 1 Clackamas [Portland] OR Info Open
May 13-15 Honolulu HI Info Open
Jun 3-5 Eugene OR Info Open
Jun 17-19 Klamath Falls OR Info Open
Jun 24-26 Keizer [Salem] OR Info Open
Jul 15-17 HONOLULU HI Info Open
Jul 29-31 Phoenix [Medford] OR Info Open
Aug 5-7 Yuba City CA Info Open
Aug 19-21 Vancouver WA Info Open
Sep 9-11 Eureka CA Info Open
Sep 9-11 Boise ID Info Open
Sep 9-11 Clackamas [Portland] OR Info Open
Sep 16-18 Honolulu HI Info Open
Oct 15-16 Vancouver WA Info Senior/NLM
Oct 21-23 Nevada City CA Info Open
Oct 21-23 Nampa ID Info Open
Oct 27-30 Newport [Newport] OR Info Open
Nov 4-6 Redding CA Info Open
Nov 5-6 Corvallis OR Info I/N
Nov 18-20 Honolulu HI Info Open
Nov 19-20 Vancouver WA Info Senior/NLM


(Districts 19, 20 & some others)

Feb 15-21 Vancouver WA Info Open
Mar 28-Apr 3 Chandler AZ Info Senior
Apr 4-10 Spokane WA Info Open
May 9-15 Sunriver [Bend] OR Info Open
Jun 13-19 Penticton BC Info Open
Jun 20-26 Anchorage AK Info Open
Aug 8-14 Boise ID Info Open
Aug 15-21 Scottsdale [Phoenix] AZ Info Open
Aug 22-28 Lynnwood WA Info Open
Sep 22-25 Tucson AZ Info I/N
Sep 26-Oct 2 Seaside OR Info Open
Nov 7-13 Whistler BC Info Open
Dec 12-18
Rancho Mirage CA



Mar 9-20 Reno NV Info Open
Jul 20-31 Washington DC Info Open
Nov 24-Dec 4 Orlando FL Info Open

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