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Albany Bridge Club

Two Rivers Market (upstairs)
250 Broadalbin Street Suite 215
Albany Oregon  97321

phone (541) 990-4243 (Bob Peery)
or (541) 791-9518 (Myrna Evans)
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Corvallis Bridge Club

1931 NW Circle Blvd (east of Dollar Tree)
Corvallis, OR 97330

 phone (541) 740-1072

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2017 Quick List Updated (Sectional, Regional, National Tournaments summary)

Winter Class Schedule

Hello BridgeMates! 

Our resident star wins the Ace of Clubs (2500-3500 points) Championship with 479.25 points (second place was a distant 456.71 points).  If you do the math, she averaged 40 points a month in 2016!  And if that wasn't good enough, she also finished 4th in the nation in same bracket of the Mini-McKenney with 856.65 points!  My head spins...

We had a great party to celebrate this accomplishment, and took some great pictures and had some great cake!  Check our gallery for the pictures.

This is what happens when you slightly misbid and then make Irva play the hand.


Here are a few reminders about special games and team games this week, details about the New Year’s Eve party, information about club and unit elections, and details on the Saturday Swiss team on Jan 14th!

Jan 19, Thursday    12:00 noon   Swiss Team Club Championship
Jan 30, Monday      12:00 noon   Swiss Team

Notice: As of Jan 1st, NLM Wed morning requirements will be 750 masterpoints or less.  Game at 10am-1:30pm with short class at 10am

Jan 20,  Friday    
10:00am                       Jr. Game Fund, $6
Jan 20,  Friday     7:00pm                        Jr. Game Fund, $5      
Jan 21,  Saturday  
12:15 Potluck,game at 1:00    Stratified Swiss Team   
Jan 24,  Tues      
7:00pm                        GNT Team Game, $8    
Jan 28,  Saturday  
Noon - 2:00pm                 Frances Hewes Celebration of Life  

REMINDER (courtesty of the Albany Bridge Club):

Once your Bid Card is out of the box 'with intent', then that is the bid made!


      Corvallis and Unit Elections:

           Election time!  There are three open positions on the Corvallis Board of Directors. Incumbents Becky McKenzie and Eileen Milligan have graciously agreed to run again, and Walter Dobek has also stepped up and volunteered to run!  Thanks to the three of you for your willingness to serve!  The election (and election party) will be on Tuesday, Jan 17th at the 1pm game.  If you are not going to be at that game, you may vote absentee at the club or by email in the week before the game.  Nominations will remain open until January 10th. 

Our unit (which is the umbrella organization for both the Albany and Corvallis clubs) is also having their elections in January!  Unit 477 will hold its 2017 election on Sunday, Jan. 15th at the 1 pm unit game and nominations are now open. As part of the ACBL organization, the unit’s mission is to promote the game of bridge and serve the bridge-related interests of our members.  The unit board is responsible for holding monthly unit games in both Albany and Corvallis and for running the Heart of the Valley sectional in the spring and the 299’er tournament in the fall.  You may nominate yourself or someone else by submitting the nominee’s name to Carol Harms (harms2@comcast.net) or another member of the current board. Current board members are:  Bob Peery, Linda Smith, Mark Rowe, Pat Moore, Walt Thies, Stan Blascow, Wanda Knight, Ruby Miller, and Rick Garvin.  The unit board requires at least 9 members but may have more than 9.  Contact Carol if you are interested!

Lists of the current board members for Albany, Corvallis, and the unit can be found at: http://www.acbridge.org/ClubBusiness.html


Saturday Swiss in January:

        Corvallis is hosting our first weekend Swiss of the year on Saturday, Jan 21th at 1pm!  This is a stratified GNT Swiss, which awards extra points.  Sign-up sheets are out at both eth Corvallis and Albany clubs. Please sign up if you are planning to play so we that have a count of the teams for planning purposes! Anyone needing help finding a team should contact Anne Ong at shordonong@gmail.com or 541-829-2632.


Happy holidays!

Winter classes (at Heart of the Valley Bridge Center, 1931 NW Circle Blvd., Corvallis)

Bridge Basics 2: Competitive Bidding

Instructor: Eileen Milligan

Wednesdays, 9:00 – 11:00 am

Jan. 11 – Mar. 8 (No class 2/22)

Cost: $40 plus $10 for the book (sold at first lesson)

Bridge Basics 2: Competitive Bidding

Instructor: Sandy Allen

Thursdays, 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Jan. 12 – Mar. 2

Cost: $40 plus $10 for the book (sold at first lesson)

Intermediate Bridge: Play of the Hand

Instructor: Mary Alice Seville

Mondays, 10:00 am – 12:00

Jan. 9 – Feb. 27

Cost: $40 plus $15 for the book (sold at first lesson)

Prior bridge experience is recommended

Pre-registration for classes is encouraged but not required.

To pre-register, leave a message for Ann Larson, including your name, phone number and/or email.

Email: annlarson278@yahoo.com or phone: 541-740-4792.

Tournament Quick List

2017 Sectionals (District 20)
2017 Regionals (District 19, 20 and a few extras)
2017 Nationals

(District 20)  

Jan 27-29, 2017PortlandInfoOpen
Mar 17-19, 2017OntarioInfoOpen
Mar 17-19, 2017AlbanyInfoOpen
Mar 24-26, 2017Phoenix [Medford]InfoOpen
Apr 14-15, 2017Springfield [Eugene]InfoI/N
Apr 21-23, 2017SeasideInfoOpen
Jun 2-4, 2017Eugene [Eugene/Springf...InfoOpen
Jun 9-11, 2017PortlandInfoOpen
Jun 16-18, 2017Klamath FallsInfoOpen
Jul 21-23, 2017Phoenix [Medford]InfoOpen
Aug 25-27, 2017BendInfoOpen
Sep 8-10, 2017PortlandInfoOpen
Oct 26-29, 2017NewportInfoOpen
Nov 4-5, 2017CorvallisInfoI/N


(Districts 19, 20 & some others)

Jan 23-29, 2017Honolulu, HI
Feb 20-26, 2017Vancouver [Portland]InfoOpen
Apr 17-23, 2017Victoria, BC
May 15-21, 2017Medford, OR
Apr 3-9, 2017 Chandler, AZ
Info Senior
Jun 12-18, 2017Penticton, BC
Jun 19-25, 2017 Las Vegas, NV
Info Open
Jun 20-25, 2017Anchorage, AK
Jul 31-Aug 6, 2017EugeneInfoOpen
Aug 21-27, 2017Lynnwood, WA
Oct 2-8, 2017SeasideInfoOpen
Oct 9-15, 2017 Sparks (Reno), NV
Info Open
Oct 16-22, 2017Olympia, WA



Mar 8-19, 2017 Kansas City Info Open
Jul 19-30, 2017 Toronto Info Open
Nov 23-Dec 3, 2017 San Diego Info Open

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